Corporate philosophy

Our company

Schütz GmbH Messtechnik is a leading device manufacturer and service company in the field of gas measurement technology. It is our express goal to make a contribution to the further development of our society. We are convinced that our business activities lead to results that serve the general public. As active corporate citizens, we are committed to the well-being of the communities in which we do business.

Schütz regards the protection of the environment as an integral part of its corporate responsibility. Our activities are based on the principle of sustainable development. Our goal is to create and sustain a positive legacy for future generations.

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is a matter of course for us, both at local, national and international level. This is the only way to ensure our business success. Any violation of applicable laws or regulations can have serious consequences, such as criminal penalties, damages or damage to reputation. All employees are obliged to know the fundamental laws, regulations and internal company rules that are relevant to their area of responsibility. If there is any doubt about the legal adequacy of a decision, a legal expert from the company must be consulted.

Our values

In addition to compliance with legal requirements, maintaining high ethical standards and shared values are the focus of our business activities. They are the basis for the trust that customers, employees and other parties involved place in Schütz. They also ensure long-term sustainability and the growth of our company.

Schütz business activities are based on three core values: integrity, attention and helpfulness.


Schütz values honest business conduct. The success of a company largely depends on the honesty and integrity of its employees, which is why Schütz is not prepared to make any compromises in this area.
Honesty also includes the right to openly express ones opinion and report misconduct without fear of reprisals.


Schütz values professional business conduct. Schütz employees should always act attentively and prudently and should be able to assess situations appropriately through proper observation and listening in order to be able to take suitable measures to protect the customers own company premises and assets as well as the values and ethical principles represented by Schütz.


Schütz wants to make peoples lives safer. Schütz employees should always be ready to help their colleagues, customers and anyone else who needs support during a work assignment.

Our employees

Its employees are a company´s most important resource. Schütz does everything in its power to be a solid, trustworthy and reliable employer, and advocates cooperation that is characterized by mutual respect and respect. Schütz is firmly convinced that there is a connection between the competence of his employees and the results achieved by the company. Schütz therefore wants to attract qualified staff and strives to be an attractive employer who offers good working conditions, fair wages and opportunities for personal development for its employees.

Guaranteeing fair working conditions is an integral part of our corporate culture. We adhere to the legal regulations to ensure fair working conditions, including those on remuneration, working hours and the protection of privacy. Schütz knows how important a safe and healthy work environment is and therefore takes all necessary measures to prevent accidents and injuries. Measures to promote health and well-being are also supported.

The active participation of our employees is an important prerequisite for being able to make a significant contribution to environmental protection. Since our employees are the best ambassadors for environmentally friendly behavior, we regularly raise their awareness of environmental issues and expect them to deal responsibly with the community and the environment.

Our customers

Our actions are always shaped by what the market, and above all our customers, give us on the way. They secure our jobs and our continued existence. The fulfillment of the requirements of our customers is therefore very important to us.

We see ourselves as partners of our customers. Long-term customer relationships serve our business success. Our claim is therefore to offer our customers safe and flawless products and services of high quality. Products and services must not have any defects or dangerous properties that could impair health or damage property. We develop and produce safe products and services for our customers.

Cooperation with Schütz must mean economic benefits and competitiveness for our customers and partners. When we work together on solutions, we also profit together in the end. That is a standard that drives us.

Our goals

Our fixed line is to meet the needs of our customers, to be close to our customers and to observe the market in order to identify new developments, to maintain long-term cooperation and partnership with our customers and suppliers, and to strive for continuous optimization of our services.

Equally important for us is the adherence to regulations and standards, especially in the development of our gas detection devices which are in demand worldwide. So that they can be used by our customers without hesitation and in accordance with the rules. We attach great importance to the exchange with regulatory authorities, domestic and foreign associations of the gas and water industry as well as research institutions and universities. Thus we are always at the pulse of time and can respond to innovations and changing requirements with innovative products.

We are always striving to find solutions that help us to move forward together with our customers and suppliers. We act on "eye level", this creates mutual trust and is the basis for a long and successful cooperation. In this way we gain valuable partnerships on which we can build our common future.

Schütz strives to take environmental protection and sustainability into account in its business activities and, in this context, wants to comply with the environmental requirements set out in the relevant laws, regulations and estblished environmental requirements.

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