The history of Schütz GmbH Messtechnik

The beginnings - pipeline construction and pipe rehabilitation

Geschichte 1 We have been at home in the gas industry since 1968. In the beginning there was the company SÜROWA (South German Pipe Network Monitoring) and the pipeline construction as well as the pipe rehabilitation of the pipes made of steel or gray cast iron that were customary at the time. Gas detection technology as we know it today was still a long way off back then. Therefore, the search for leaks in the gas network was extremely complex and time-consuming. At that time, the focus of our work was the rehabilitation of pipelines and the construction of new gas networks.

With the conversion of most of the German gas networks to natural gas, which began in 1972 with the large natural gas discoveries in the Netherlands, utility companies were faced with a new problem: The use of the comparatively dry natural gas caused the frequency of leaks in the supply networks to skyrocket. The socket joints, sealed with hemp knitted inlays, with which the gray cast iron pipes were connected, slowly dried out.

Pipe rehabilitation with elastomers and casting compounds

The amount and frequency of leaks could no longer be controlled with the usual methods of replacing pipes or repairing leaks by digging up individually. During this time many new techniques have been tried and tested in practice. This mainly included the

Development of the first universal gas detection and gas measuring device

Geschichte 2 In 1982 SÜROWA became Schütz + Brocke Rohrleitungsbau und Rohrnetzüberprüfung. Last but not least, our many years of practical experience led to the development of our own gas measuring devices from this point on. None of the measuring devices used at the time allowed a comprehensive and qualified test due to the procedures used. Up to this point it was common practice to use the devices individually and to carry several devices with you. There were no universal measuring devices with semiconductor (SC) thermal tone (TT) and thermal conductivity (TC) sensors. This combination was the first development. The first device in this series was the GMS-3, which came onto the market around 1978.

The regular inspection of gas lines and the containment of leaks required considerably more effort and manpower than today.

The first pure gas measuring device, the GM 7601, developed in 1976, was further developed. A short time later the universal gas detector and gas measuring device (GMS 3) came onto the market. For the first time, it combined all the measurement areas and methods required for professional work (semiconductors, heat tint and heat conduction). During this time, Schütz + Brocke was the sole manufacturer of universal measuring devices.

In the course of time, the principle of the universal measuring device developed into a recognized standard in this area of measurement technology.

Measuring devices from Lahr - the industry standard

Geschichte 3 The great success of this innovative technology led to the founding of the Schütz Messtechnik company in its current form in 1985. We are still developing and producing universal measuring devices for the gas industry in Lahr, Baden. With the presentation of the first digital explosion-proof universal measuring device, the GMS 2000, in 1998 the series of innovative products was continued.

In the meantime, our "Allstar" GM 7601 has become a whole family of products that are used globally by gas suppliers, network operators as well as industrial and commercial companies and ensure the operational and security of supply for gas and water networks.

One of the latest highlights from Schütz is the VGS 4500

As a result of the modernization of the DVGW regulations, a vehicle-based gas pipe network control has become possible. We took this as an opportunity and developed a compact laser measuring cell that can be mounted on as many vehicles as possible. Even before the German regulations for vehicle-supported pipe network control were opened, we were able to successfully bring our measuring system to market for a foreign customer under difficult environmental conditions.

The measuring unit can be mounted on many different vehicle types (pick-up, quad, car, ...) and can thus be entered into the required platform for every application or environment. Navigation is carried out using the tablet PC supplied, which means that the driver can always keep track of the route to be traveled. The line network is uploaded to the tablet PC in advance of the inspection and serves as a navigation aid.

The company has had a certified ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system since 2002

Our quality goals are precisely defined and are supported by our experienced employees. Our high standards of internal documentation and customer satisfaction are reflected in our services and products. Today, Schütz Messtechnik´s customer base includes many municipal utility companies, with whom we have very often long-term, close and trusting business relationships. In addition to the service, Schütz Messtechnik has had experience and high competence in the development of innovative gas measurement technology since the company was founded in 1968.

The gas measuring and detection devices are developed, manufactured and sold in-house. The products for the surveying of municipal gas networks ranges from gas measuring devices and gas detection devices to probes, ventilation systems, special measuring devices for leak detection up to a fully equipped measurement vehicle.

New construction of production hall with office building 2020

After a construction period of about 12 months, we were able to move into our new domicile in February 2020. In the Einsteinallee 5 in Lahr, a production hall with office building was built, as there was no possibility of expansion at the old location. On this occasion, additional jobs were immediately created to meet the requirements of the market and the increasing demand.

The building is planned and constructed according to modern criteria and the installed photovoltaic system ensures an improved ecological balance. The modern, bright workplaces make work even more enjoyable. We look forward to welcoming you to our new domicile at the Lahr airfield shop.

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