Applications and gas getection and measurement technology

vgs4500 At the beginning of the 1990s, the DVGW developed a holistic safety concept and thus set a milestone for assessing and reducing damage and accidents in the gas supply. Energy supply companies have always guaranteed security in gas pipe network verification through gas verification.

Numerous industrial and commercial companies are supplied with natural gas from the public network. In contrast to private households, they operate and maintain commercial and industrial natural gas systems on their premises on their own extensive pipeline networks or natural gas facilities.

The operators or users of these underground or exposed gas pipes are legally obliged to have their pipes regularly checked by a professional technician. With the regulations G 614-1 and G 614-2 of the DVGW (German Association of Gas and Water Experts), a new classification and evaluation scheme for leakages and defects comes into force.

The demands on the employees involved in gas leak detection have increased again in recent years. The user must be able to master the entire equipment technology and documentation, observe the factors influencing the gas and its path to the measuring point, and be able to assess and evaluate measurement results and hazards.

For all measuring, testing and locating tasks involving the use of gases, energy supply companies can fall back on the innovative and tried and tested devices from Schütz Messtechnik. Since the company was founded in 1968, we have had experience and a high level of competence in the development of innovative gas measurement technology. The gas measuring devices and gas detection devices are developed, manufactured and sold worldwide. In the areas of development and production, a certified quality management system certified by the DVGW has been used since 2001.

Our assortment ranges from gas measuring and sensing devices to probes, suction systems, special measuring devices for leak detection up to fully equipped measuring vehicles.

Gasprüfung oberirdisch Gasprüfung freiverlegte
Gasprüfung Biogasanlage Gasprüfung Hausinstallation
Tracergas Lecksuche Messgräte Prüfung
Autogas-Dichtheitskontrolle Ethan Nachweis
Gas-Überwachung im Arbeitsraum Sicherheit bei Biogasanlagen
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