Leak test for biogas plants

Biogasanlage Our DVGW G465-4 certified gas detectors are trained and experienced in handling the high-quality testing technology. The handling of the Gascam or the methane laser detector, for example, are everyday tasks that we carry out professionally.

For the daily routine checks of the gas performance and fittings, we offer our tried and tested "sniffer", the GPD 3000 Ex, with which you can easily ensure safety yourself. Since the device is explosion-proof, you can use it safely to test your system.

Testing and maintenance of the biogas plant

Biogas plants are subject to various requirements during construction and operation, Schütz GmbH Messtechnik supports you in the inspection of your plant in terms of the tightness of the gas-carrying lines and fittings as well as the tightness of the outer skin of the fermenter. Here we pay special attention to the transition from the wall to the dome roof.

Safety instructions

Particularly when entering the container (e.g. for inspection purposes), highly toxic (H2S, CO and CO2) and highly explosive gases (CH4) occur in the containers, in pits and in depressions on the surrounding area. During this work and until the system is restarted, a daily check of the device is necessary (regulation of the employers liability insurance association).

Before entering a container, the area to be walked on must be measured, for example with our GM 3100. To do this, the float probe with the long piece of hose can be thrown into the container. With the pump built into the device, the air is sucked into the device and it is determined whether the permissible concentrations are not exceeded. This applies in particular to CO2, which is heavier than air and therefore always lies at the bottom of a container.

The construction of the probe ensures that measurements can be taken reliably, even if there is deep silt or liquids in the container that would otherwise clog the hose immediately. However, the necessary care must be taken, as 100% security can never be guaranteed.


In a biogas plant, tests must be carried out in accordance with the tried and tested DVGW guidelines in the following areas:

  • Container: In larger systems such as the fermenter and the post-digester, imaging methods will always be used to search for gas leaks
  • Buried lines: By checking above ground with the carpet probe to measure gas concentrations
  • Exposed lines: Leak check with gas measuring devices. When evaluating the measurement result, the type of tracking device used must be taken into account

The following gas detection and gas measuring devices from Schütz Messtechnik can be used for this purpose.

Gasmessgeraet GMS 4000 Gasmessgeraet GM 3100
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