Testing of gas detection and gas concentration measuring devices

Device-Calibration The rules G465-4 Appendix C drawn up by the DVGW regulate at what intervals and under what conditions gas detection devices and gas concentration measuring devices must be tested. For example the display test and the test of the display accuracy.

Of all the applications that a gas detection device or gas detection device can perform, a device overhaul is one of the most important. It is highly recommended that you test your gas detector regularly to keep the calibration up-to-date and to keep your gas detector accurate. The calibration and accuracy of a gas tester ensures the accuracy of the detection results.

As a matter of principle, a functional check of the devices must always be carried out before use, usually by the user. In this way, the user should also be sure to get a functioning device, and a high level of security must also be created here, since in the event of an emergency, for example in the on-call service when processing a gas odor message, it must be ensured that the gas detector and gas measuring device used is also suitable for this.

Testing intervals

Whether you prefer to test in the laboratory or at the gas technicians work station, we here at Schütz Messtechnik recommend the following revision intervals according to sensor type.

Sensor typeTesting intervalTest gas
Semiconductor weekly 1,0 Vol.% CH4 in synthatic air
Thermal tone - mobile gas alarm equipment** daily, bevor usage 2,2 Vol.% CH4 in synthtatic air
Thermal tone - other applications weekly 2,2 Vol.% CH4 in synthatic air
Thermal conductivity every 3 months 100 Vol.% CH4
Infrared every 3 months 5 Vol.% CO2

(*) (e.g. when working on gaslines under controlled gas outflow or maintenance and repair work in installation rooms of Gas pressure control and measuring systems)

The following test stations from Schütz Messtechnik can be used for this purpose. We can gladly offer you the corresponding test gases.

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