Gas leak detection - leak location with tracer gas

Tracergas The use of tracer gas offers the possibility of pinpointing the smallest leaks even under adverse conditions. Often this is the only way to locate the leak successfully and with little effort. Under certain circumstances, even without interrupting production at industrial companies. At the same time, the damage necessary for localization is relatively minor.

It is the same procedure as for overground inspection of underground gas pipes. First, the surface is sampled with the carpet or bell probe. The suspect points found with this procedure must then be narrowed down more precisely. Here holes are driven into the ground with the help of hammer drills or rotary hammers. Then the leakage point is narrowed down with a suitable measuring device and appropriate borehole probes. One can suspect the leakage where the measured concentration is highest.

With special gas we are able to locate the finest leaks on drinking water pipes. Wherever conventional methods fail (acoustic monitoring method or correlation method), this is often the only chance to find the leak point reliably and precisely.

We have achieved many successes with the tracer gas process

The hit rate with this method is around 98% and can be used quickly without great effort. Most of the actions can be completed in a few hours. Even the smallest leaks can usually be found at short notice. Of course, our medium is not poisonous, so that there is no risk when used in the water cycle. Time-consuming and costly search shafts are superfluous, in the event of leaks e.g. Traffic does not have to be rerouted under a street, because with the tracer gas method, the street is only dug up when the leak has already been located. Expensive faulty digs are therefore relatively, unlikely.

Device technology

The devices and probes used must be suitable for the tracer gas. In particular, it must be possible to use the carpet probe, as well as to measure the air in the soil, i.e. up to 100% of the gas used to limit the leakage point.

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