The LMG-05 from Schütz is the universal measuring device for installers, utility companies, network operators and chimney sweeps to carry out all measurements in accordance with DVGW-TRGI 2018, worksheet G 600.


lmg-05, Gas-Leckmenge messgeraet The measuring instrument can manage up to 1,000 customers and save 1,000 measurements. The data is protected against unauthorized access by means of a PIN security and is therefore GDPR-compliant.

For legally compliant and technically correct work on gas installations, DVGW-TRGI 2018, worksheet G 600 prescribes a wide variety of measurements. A load test is required for a newly laid gas line in order to determine whether the pipes and fittings can safely withstand a test pressure of 1 bar (1000 hPa). During the tightness test (main test), a test pressure of 150 mbar (150 hPa) is used to check whether the tightness of the system is guaranteed and can be put into operation. Every 12 years, a gas line must be subjected to a serviceability test in accordance with TRGI and a leakage measurement must be made.

All these measurements can be carried out quickly and safely by installers, utility companies, network operators and chimney sweeps with the universal measuring device LMG-05 from Schütz.

The LMG-05 is equipped with the latest measurement technology and yet easy to use. Measurements can be carried out quickly and documented in a legally secure manner. The device can manage up to 1,000 customers and save a maximum of 1,000 measurements. Particular emphasis was placed on data security - the data is protected against unauthorized access by means of access security and is therefore absolutely GDPR-compliant. With an IR printer, the measurement results can optionally be printed out fully automatically at the test point without interrupting the current measurement process.

The LMG-05 gas detector can be operated with a battery, rechargeable battery or mains connection and has a long runtime. In addition, the measuring instrument can be personalized, so, like the measurement results, it can be assigned to a specific employee, which simplifies logging and at the same time increases security.

The gas detector LMG-05 from Schütz is equipped with various free extras. The software for the PC and a bumper cover are included in the scope of delivery without additional charges. In addition, an extensive range of accessories for all requirements and a free service hotline are available for the measuring device.

Schütz Messtechnik has been a service provider and device manufacturer for energy supply companies for more than 50 years. The range of services is divided into three areas: services, equipment technology and service. In the service division, Schütz has long been active in digital gas pipe network control and is one of the pioneers and initiators in this area. The customer base includes more than 100 municipal utility companies.

The core competence of Schütz has always been the development of innovative measurement technology. All gas measuring and gas detection devices are developed, manufactured and sold worldwide in-house. To this end, Schütz is in constant communication with universities and colleges, with the aim of incorporating the latest scientific findings into product developments. In addition, the experience and knowledge from our own service activities in network control are used for device development.

The range of devices extends from gas measuring and gas detection devices to probes, suction systems, special measuring devices for leak detection and even fully equipped measuring vehicles. Schütz Messtechnik has a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and the DVGW certificate G 468-1.

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