Our devices

In addition to providing services, Schütz GmbH has had experience and high competence in the development of innovative gas measurement technology since the company was founded in 1968. The gas measuring and detection devices are developed, manufactured and sold worldwide in-house. The company has had a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2015 for development and production since 2001.

The wide range for security checks of municipal gas networks ranges from gas measuring and detection devices to probes, suction systems, special measuring devices for leak detection and fully equipped measuring vehicles.

Devices and probes for gas pipe network inspection

Thanks to our decades of experience as a service provider in the field of gas pipe network inspection, we have also incorporated all of our experience into our products. The gas measuring and detection devices are developed, manufactured and sold worldwide by Schütz and comply with DVGW regulations G465-4.

Vehicle Gas Scout Gasmessgeraet GMS 4000
Gasmessgeraet GM 5 Gasmessgeraet GM 3100
Mobile Vaccum Station 302 Portabler Gas-Chromatograph
Kappenheber SKH 2000 Gasspür-Sonden

Devices for indoor installations

For the installation area, we have a large selection of pressure measuring and sensing devices that are suitable for searching for and locating gas leaks on pipes both indoors and outdoors. All of our measuring devices for the installation area naturally comply with the DVGW regulations.

i a gpd3010 Leckmengenmessgerät LMG 05
P-Pen 5000 Druckmessgerät P-Pen 1000 Druckmessgerät
GP 2000 GPD 3000
GPL 3000

Testing technology for gas measuring and gas detection devices

In order to guarantee the display accuracy, we offer a large number of test stations for testing and adjusting your gas measuring and detection devices. The right test gas and other accessories for your measuring devices are of course also available from us on request.

Prüfstation PS-103 Prüfstation PS-203
Prüfstation PS-203f Prüfstation PS-403
Prüfstation PS-403U
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