GM 5


The main task of the GM 5 is the search for gas leaks in underground and exposed natural gas pipelines. The GM 5 can also be used for gas leak detection with hydrogen mixtures (tracer gas technology).

With the GM 5, Schütz Messtechnik offers a gas measurement device with which all gas network inspection tasks can be carried out precisely and reliably. The graphic menu navigation enables simple, yet safe operation of the device.

According to The German Gas and Water Adminstration (DVGW) Regulation G465-4 for Equipment technology for checking gas pipes and gas systems, high demands are placed on gas detection and gas concentration measurement devices, such as automatic heavy gas detection, lower detection limit, explosion protection, etc. The GM 5 is a multifunctional measurement instrument that completely fulfills the requirements of the G465-4 and is characterized both by ease of use and handling.

The GM 5 from Schütz Messtechnik always offers the highest result accuracy even when switching between varying tasks, since it can be adjusted to the different gas measurment tasks and environments. The device monitors the intake volume flow; adapts to the changed measuring environment and application; and monitors and adjusts the volume flow. In addition to reliable measurement results, optimal stability and constant response times are achieved.

Technical Specifications

Display LCD graphic display, automatic backlight
Pump Diaphragm pump, flow rate adjustable and monitored
Sensitivity 1 ppm
Measurement Range 1ppm - 2,2 Vol.% CH4
0 - 100 % UEG
0 - 100 Vol.% CH4
0 - 100 Vol.% CO2 (optional)
Sensors Semiconductor
Thermal tone
Thermal conductivity
Infrared for CO2 (optional)
Gases Methane, propane, hydrogen, carbon dioxide 
Protection Class IP54
Ex Protection EX d ib IIB T3 Gb, Category II 2G
applicable for Zone 1
Power Supply Batteries 3x 1,5 V Mono or rechargeable batteries 3x 1,2 V Mono
Operation Time about 14 hours
Dimensions 215 x 60 x 100 mm
Weight approx. 1.8kg


Contents of delivery

  • GM 5 with the selected sensors
  • Carrying Strap
  • Carrying Case
  • Telescopic Probe
  • NiCd Batteries
  • 230V charger
  • Socket wrench
  • User Manual
  • Compliance Certificate


  • G01.810: Semiconductor, Catalytic Bead, Thermal Conductor & Infrared.
    Measurements from a few ppm to 100 vol.% and heavy gas detection for ground air measurement
  • G01.815: Semiconductor, Catalytic Bead & Thermal Conductor.
    Measurements from a few ppm to 100 vol.%
  • G01.820: Semiconductor & Thermal Conductor.
    Measurements from a few ppm to 100 vol.%
  • G01.825: Semiconductor & Thermal Conductor.
    Measurements from a few ppm to 100 vol.% Hydrogen


  • 201.395: Device bag GM 5
  • 232.007: 230V charger
  • 232.005: Car charger cable 12V
  • 232.001: Car support with 12 V charger
  • 200.218: Additional shoulder strap (cross strap)
  • 232.378: Headphones
  • 201.191: Data cable GM 5 (PC Connection)
  • 203.385: Bluetooth adapter
  • G01.753: Software for data storage and device revision
  • G10.400: Carrier with support for tablet
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