Item number: 200.159

PortablerGasChromatograph The Portable Gas Chromatograph from Schütz Messtechnik is an unprecedented solution for differentiating between natural gas, marsh gas and propane. It is designed for uncomplicated ethane detection on site. No tracer gas nor a second gas measurement device are required for use.

An immediate printout of the measurement results allows complete documentation and comparison. With the LCD display and the directly visible measured values, operation without a printer is also possible.

Following the simplicity of use, the gas chromatograph is also designed to be simply portable. The PGC is light, and rugged, making it very easy to carry on site.

Ethane is a component of natural gas; evidence of this gas is also evidence of natural gas. A lengthy gas analysis is normally required to prove beyond any doubt that the measured gas concentration is actually natural gas and not marsh gas. Due to gas sampling on site which is later to be measured in a laboratory, the traditional process is difficult and time consuming. These steps are completely eliminated with the Portable Gas Chromatograph. Measurement and sampling directly on site is easily possible - no further gas measuring device is required.

Technical Specifications

Display LCD display with 2 x 16 characters, illuminated
Measurement range 100ppm to 100 Vol.% Sample gas in the borehole
Gas Hydrogen, methane, ethane and propane
Detection Limit < 10 ppm Ethane (according to DVGW regulations)
Test Gas 50 ppm Ethane (according to DVGW regulations)
Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C
Protection Class IP 54
Energy Supply Battery (Lithium Ion Battery), 12V Car charger, 230V
Operation time more than 200 measurements with one battery
Dimensions 158 x 63 x 229 mm
Weight approx. 1 kg

Contents of delivery

  • Portable Gas Chromatograph PGC
  • Waterproof Case
  • Sample Collection Bag
  • Adapter 20 and 21
  • Printer
  • 12V Vehicle Adapter
  • 230V Power Charger
  • Compliance Certificate
  • User Manual


  • 201.157: Sample Collection Bottles
  • 201.254: Control Gas Sample 50 ppm Ethane
  • 200.091: Sample Collection Bags
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