Gas Detection Probes

Schütz Messtechnik gas detection probes have been in use for many years, proven in practice and constantly improved. We supply probes for a variety of gas measuring applications and of course many special versions such as the telescopic borehole probe and telescopic aerial probe belong to our line of products. All probes are available with different hose connections and therefore fit all Schütz Messtechnik gas measurement and gas detection devices.

Probes Complete Set

Article Number: G10.180

Gasspür-Sonde 1 Gasspür-Sonde 2

Complete with:

  • Carbon fiber foldable carpet probe 180mm diameter wheel
  • Carbon fiber unscrewable borehole probe
  • Bell probe cone attachment
  • Aerial probe attachement
  • Dust filters
  • Carrying strap
  • Carrying case
  • Charger not included
  • Gas detector not included

Technical Specifications

Weight: 3,2 kg
Dimensions: 50 x 42 x 17 cm

Carpet Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 3

Easy-to-use, mobile carpet probe with surface plate, filter, hose and plug-in coupling for surveying pipelines. The very light design makes the related tasks fatigue-free and simple. The wide edge of the flexible carpet probe conforms well to unevenness on the pavement surface and largely prevents the inteference of other gases, e.g. exhaust gases, during the inspection process.


G10.163: Carbon fiber, foldable, 0,95kg
G10.164: Carbon fiber, 0,95kg
G10.165: Steel, foldable, 1,75kg
G10.166: Steel, 1,75kg
G10.171: Steel, single wheel, 1,75kg

Technical Specifications

Weight: 0,95 kg
Wheeldiameter: 180 mm, or 100 mm

Borehole Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 4

The Schütz Messtechnik borehole probe with sight glass dust and water filter is designed specifically for gas concentration measurement below the ground surface.

This gas measurement probe has a very robust construction that has proven itself over many years.


G10.140: Carbon fiber, 0,46kg
G10.143: Carbon fiber, unscrewable, 0,46kg
G10.151: Steel, 0,60kg
G10.149: Steel, extended tip 50cm or 31cm, 0,60kg

Bell Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 5

The bell probe has an integrated dust and water filter. This gas measurement probe is for gas detection and gas measurement on unpaved surfaces. When the carpet probe can no longer be used, the bell probe is used for above-ground gas main inspection or for concentration measurement in the ppm range.

The Bell Probe CFK Mini is ideally suited to be attached to the carpet probe. This makes transport and availability of the probes simple!


G10.130: Carbon fiber, 0,30kg
G10.133: Carbon fiber, unscrewable, 0,30kg
G10.135: Carbon fiber, mini, 0,30kg
G10.138: Steel, 0,80kg
G10.139: Steel, extendable, 0,80kg

Trench Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 6

Schütz Messtechnik has designed this special horizontal probe for the locating of gas leaks as well as gas concentration measurements in open construction trenches. The probe can also be used to help in the location of pipelines and to decifer in which direction they lead. A water catch is built into the design to protect the gas measurement device sensor from harmful moisture levels in the trenches.


G10.120: tip length 0,3m, full length 0,5m, wieght 120g
G10.121: tip length 1,0m, full length 1,2m, wieght 150g

Industrial Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 7 Gasspür-Sonde 8

The accessibility of gaslines for gas leak detection or gas measurement tests in industrial companies is often a major problem, but no longer with this probe! The extendible probe is designed to reach gas pipelines that run along the ceiling of industrial plants. Schütz Messtechnik Industrial probe can reach pipes up to 7,5m above head.

Arched swanneck attachments are available to be able to measure the pipelines from above as well.


G10.300: length 2,1 - 7,5m
G10.310: length 1.06 - 5m, gastight
Arched tip attachment diameters: 150mm or 300mm

Aerial Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 9 Gasspür-Sonde 10

The aerial probe is designed for measuring gas concentration in shafts or just below the ceiling. When working from a raised landing, this gas measurement probe gives the gas network technician the extra reach to carry out a more accurate gas concentration measurement.


G10.170: length 900mm,
G10.150: length 41cm, extendable to 160cm, with swanneck extension
G10.152: length 20cm, extendable to 140cm
G10.154: length 35cm, extendable to 135cm, gastight
G10.155: length 55cm, extendable to 155cm, gastight, with swanneck extension

Needle Probe

Gasspür-Sonde 11

Article Number: 201.262

Once back at the laboratory, it can be a difficult process to transfer a gas sample from its container to a gas test station. Whether it be a gas sample bag or collection glass, this needle probe can easily extract the gas sample needed.

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