Schulung für Gasmessgeräte As a leading company in the field of gas detection technology and pipe network control, we offer seminars and training courses at regular intervals for foremen as well as maintenance and operating personnel from network operators and industrial companies.

  • Use of measuring and sensing devices in network control and in indoor installations
  • Digital gas pipe network inspection
  • Service and maintenance of gas measuring and gas detection devices

Our offer also includes tailor-made training courses: we are happy to advise you on this. Our service phone: +49 7821 3280100

Gas detector training in accordance with DVGW G 468-2

The DVGW rules and regulations stipulate that the specialists (gas detectors) entrusted with the practical implementation of the gas pipe network test using a gas concentration measuring device must pass an examination to prove the relevant required knowledge (gas detector test).

To prepare for the gas detector test, we offer training courses in which you can deepen your competence as a gas detector. The relevant topics from the regulations are dealt with and you can discuss all your questions about gas pipe network control. For the practical use of the gas concentration measuring devices, we have set up a special test area for you at our location. Here you can practice the gas pipe network control in accordance with DVGW G465-1 in a practice-oriented manner and hunt for leaks with the tried and tested gas detection devices from Schütz Messtechnik. We wish you much success and fun, the next test will be childs play.

Use of measuring and sensing devices in network control and for indoor installations

Schulung für Gasmessgeräte The use of measuring and sensing devices has to be trained again and again. The use of new technologies makes this particularly necessary. Currently, more and more measuring devices based on infrared are being used, free radiating devices as well as the new infrared measuring technology in aspirating devices are used.

The focus of this training is in the area: New units such as ppm * m or the use of laser measuring devices to test exposed cables, bridge cables and industrial cables. The testing, use and control of the devices according to G465-4 is trained as well as the legally compliant documentation. In addition to the theoretical training, the practical handling and use of detection and measuring devices is in the foreground.

The contents of the seminar in detail:

  • DVGW regulations
  • Operating principles of the devices
  • Infrared measurement technology
  • Laser detectors
  • New units (ppm x m)
  • Test cycles
  • Heavy gas
  • Digital pipe network control
  • Hydrogen feed

Schulung für Gasmessgeräte

Practical exercises and demonstrations:

  • Leak detection with the laser measuring device
  • Comparison of detection devices for leak detection diffusion / pump
  • Demonstration of the principle of hydrogen injection
  • Comparison and demonstration of the use of digital plans with a detection device
  • Testing of infrared or laser devices

Practical seminar: Pipe network testing with digital plans

The use of digital technology is the engine of the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0. The digitization and networking of measurement technology for gas pipe network inspection is also increasingly becoming the standard. Pipe network control with digital planning It enables intelligent maintenance management and offers efficient support for the maintenance and operating personnel concerned.

Schütz Messtechnik has designed a practical seminar for these users that deals with all relevant topics of digital pipe network inspection: Starting with the requirements for mobile technology, through organizational planning in advance, as well as practical implementation, documentation and control.

Schulung für Gasmessgeräte The contents of the seminar in detail:

  • GIS - basics (Meridian, GK, UTM ...)
  • Security of the gas detector
  • Data acquisition during the on-site visit
  • EDP documentation
  • Practice, inspection with tablet PC
  • Industry 4.0
  • Direct-Log and Doku-KLICK® function
  • IR and laser measurement technology

Service and maintenance of gas measuring and gas detection devices

The correct function of the gas detection and gas trace devices requires regular and competent maintenance of the devices. In this training you will receive all the necessary information, work instructions and guidelines for this activity. To complete this, we will also give you an overview of how the devices are used in practice.

Before starting work with the gas detection devices, it is necessary to check the gas detection devices in accordance with the DVGW regulations and to document this control. The applicable rules are DVGW G465-4.

Schulung für Gasmessgeräte The contents of the seminar in detail:

  • DVGW regulations G 465 ff
  • Operating principles / sensor technology of the devices
  • Test cycles G 465-4, implementation in practice
  • Technique required for the exam
  • Documentation of the test
  • Use and requirements for test gases
  • Function test with guidelines from Schütz
  • Error detection and elimination
  • Calibration of GM devices and GasPens
  • Applications of gas detection devices
  • New technology (infrared, laser ...)
  • Practical exercise
  • Exchange of experiences
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